Tired restday

torsdag, juni 07, 2012

Today I am totally out of energy.
The last days my back has been really bad, guess that has taken some energy.
It ok now, but still a little sore. So had 2 "rest days" on Tuesday and Wednesday also.

Since I had my birthday on Tuesday and the Swedish National day on Wednesday it worked out pretty good =)

Google yesterday =)

Today I was back to work, always some stuff laying around after being of a couple of days.
Picked up Anton after work at the kindergarden, he is also tired today, so both walking around a bit grumpy, hehe

Got a couple of chainrings from Stefan so got my Cyclocross together.
So kan ride it to work again. Temporary, its an 46 chainring and i would like to have 42.
Will try it first might work out good since i mostly ride fire roads with it.

My cross.

Finally got hold of a real Foam roller, worked a lot better than the rolling pin.
A little softer, but i'm not complaining about that, hehe

Foam Roller

I have even tried to bake bread for the first time today, it's not finished yet so results to repport ;)

Bread soon to oven

Today i'm going to bed really early, going to my naprapath tomorrow morning, checkup to se if everything has healed. I really hope so. I have another marathon in one month so I need to start running ehmm yesterday!


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