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lördag, december 31, 2011

New years run

Today i ran an race called "Nyårs loppet". Direct translation would be New Years run.
An small race that always goes on New years eve, and mostly for fun but some take it seriously. 

Went from home around 10am with Thomas and meet Christian there and signed in.
Freezing cold, -3c today. Should have brought some more cloth.

Wasent feeling so up and dident really high hope for today, mostly that my legs wouldent hurt.
Did an longer warmup than im usually do, was really freezing.
and everything feelt really good.

The start went really fast, the first 2-3 people just flew away.
Keep myself in the first bunch for the first km, then realized that i would like to experice the next year so took down the tempo abit. 

Halfway around 5km i was really tired and unmotivated.
Thought to myself that just keep the tempo and I would come in under 45min.
Found an good pace around 6km and keept in to goal. =)

Time: 43:05, really happy. Ok not an time that will take me to the Olympic games
but the best i done this year. Almost only done long runs in slower tempo.

The winner had: 31:27

The coffe after was so good after the cold run =)

This was awesome finnish for this year, and looking forward to next.


fredag, december 30, 2011

2012 - Here i come!

Ok, im not one of those who think my life will change with new years eve.
Yeah, there is something magical about all the people waiting for the clock to hit 12.
Just as magical is every race where people are standing together at the start line just waiting for that bang..... 

A new year is a good starting point to get healthier and start gyming, running, being nicer, but so is every Monday.

For you that race / compete / like to exercise a new year means an new run i circle, most of the races comes back again, new chances to do last years experience.
People have different goals. Some want to do something new for the first time, some just want to do it again for fun, some want to do it faster, and some thinks never again. Here is my goals for 2012.

* Stockholm marathon under 3.30, personal best 3.44 (3.25 so i beat my friend, hehe).
* Run 10km under 40 min, personal best right now 41.03.
* Stockholm marathon 100 years jubilee have an great run and enjoy it (hopefully around 3.30).
* Lidingö loppet under 2.30, personal best 2.44 (30km terrein)
* Run an Marathon outside Sweden.

* Race some of the Mtb races in the Swedish Mtb marathon cup and take some points.
* Out ride some more.

* Try to get to some more trainings with my club.
* Do atleast one or two races.

These arent really goals for new year, more ongoing projects, hehe
* I really need to start eating better.
* Train in the morning when i dont have my son. (seems impossible)
* Rest more, no JRA on resting day.

First half year im going to focus on running and trying to get some bike hours aside.
Im not doing the samme misstake as last year trying to do everything at the same time, that ended up with nothing. So setting upp some goals for next near makes it easier to plan.

I have alot of other things planned for 2012 that doesent concern training with family and friends.
But right here i just taking up the sport part =).

If you got any goals for next year, good luck and hope you fix them and

Happy new Year!
               Dont forget to have fun =)

2011 in pics | 2011 i bilder

2011 har varit bra och misslyckande sport mässigt. Försökt med för mycket på en gång.
Men jag haft kul endå, här är några höjdpunkter.

2011 has been good and an disappointment by sports. I wanted to do too much this year.
But i had some fun and here some highlights.

Skaffa min första tatuering | Got my first tattoo.

Mycket snö i år | A lot of snow this year.

Fick gräva ut bilen | Had to dig out the car.

Första cykelturen i Jan | First bike ride in January

Det kan vara kul med snö också =)
Snow can be fun also =)

Inomhus träning med Nordic Eco Vallentuna Cycling team på
Bosön. 200 meter bana. Tror det börja 7på morgonen på lördagar, puhh.
Indoor cycling with Nordic Eco Vallentuna Cycling team at Bosön, Stockholm.
200m running track with elevated corners at 7am on Saturdays.

Mycket fokus | It was tight so u had to have focus all the time.

Började springa | Started to do some running

Min första parkering bot på 12år | Got my first parking ticket took 12 years.

 Första löp tävlingen "2 sjöar runt" i Marsh. Gick ganska hyffsat.
First running comp. Mars , Went pretty good.

Ladda upp för sommaren | Loading up for summer

Mitt andra löp lopp "Premiär milen" Gick åt skogen. Höften paja.
My second running comp, didn't go as planed. Hip problems.

Anton fyller 3 =)
Antons 3rd birthday =)

Första turen på Landsväg. | First ride on the Road bike.

Packa väskorna för Mallorca | Packed my bags for Mallorca

Cyklingen var underbar där! | The rideing there was awesome!

Nog den bästa resan jag gjort, var så grymt härligt gäng som åkte med också.
One of my best trips and everyone going with us was fun to hang around with.

Fick min första punktering på landvägscykeln på Mallorca efter 25 minuter, hehe
Got my first flat tire in Mallorca after 25 minutes, hehe

Det var tufft också, här efter Puig Major.
Tuff times also, here after Puig Major the highest climb.

Här finns alla bilder från Mallorca om någon vill se:
Here is all the pictures from Mallorca if interested:

Äntlingen vår sommar däck på bilen och hämta mtb'n.
Finally spring, putting on summer tires on the car and picking up my mtb.

Ute spela fotboll med Anton
Some football with Anton.

Sprang Springcross någon vecka efter Mallorca, dum ide.
Ran an terrain comp a week after Mallorca, bad idea.

Stockholm marathon vart lite en besvikelse med 3.59. Vid 28km fick jag så otroligt ont i höften.
Men glad att jag genomförde den och plåga mig in under 4 timmar.
Stockholm marathon. Disappointed with 3.59. My hip really started to hurt at 28km. 
But happy that i went thru and suffered so i went in under 4 hours.

Jag vart 32 | I turned 32.

Anton lär sig cykla =) | Anton learns to ride an bike =)

Älskar min lägenhet och äta frukost ute på framsidan.
Love my apartment and eating breakfast on the front porch.

Träffade Alissha i Sommras.
Meet Alissha this Summer.

Firade midsommar med Stefan. Vi cyklade upp till hans ladställe vid Grisslehamn. Han låg och drog i nästan 150km med 36-37kmh i snitt rakt till snapsen.
Celebrated Midsummer with Stefan. We biked up to his summer house in Grisslehamn. He pulled in front for around 150km with an average of 36-37 kmh right to the schnaps.

Lite efterlängtad vila.
Some chilling.

Grymma cyklar in till Grisslehamn för nån drink.
New hightech bikes in to town for some drinks.

Båt tur till Åland.
Boat to Åland (Swedish Hawaii, without the good stuff, a island and u get to ride an boat).

Skaffa en Mac, aldrig mer windows nu. Det här är nästan bästa som hänt mig ;)
Got an Mac, newer more an windows computer. This is almost the best thing that happend to me ;)

Byggde ut verandan på sommaren.
Built my backside deck a bit bigger.

Färdig, personen på bilden gjorde ingen nytta ;)
Finished, the person in the pic didn't come to any use ;)

Kom ut på några mtb pass men inga tävlingar.
Did a couple of mtb rides but no races.

Alisshas bror var på besök när jag hade semester, hade 2 gryma veckor.
Alisshas brother came to visit in Sweden during my vacation and i had 2 awesome weeks.

Vi besökte Åland en helg.
We went to Åland one weekend.

 Mycket grilla, han gör världens bästa kyckling vingar.
Alot of BBQ, he makes the best chicken wings.

Många roliga kvällar.
Many fun nights.

Även fiska.
Even fishing.

I tog dom självklart på en cykeltur.
I brought them of course on a bike ride.

Några öl vart det.
A couple of beer went down.

Och någon drink.
And drinks.

Vi avsluta min semester och Alisshas brors besök med en Kräftskiva.
We ended my vaccation and Alisshas brothers visit with an Swedish "Kräftskiva".

Hade många roliga stunder med Anton denna sommar.
Had alot of fun with Anton this Summer.

Sprang även Lidingö lopper i år, höften paja och gick som dom andra loppen.
I ran Lidingö loppet, world largest terrein run (30km), my hip hurt and it went as the other runs.

Hela hösten höll jag och Alissha på med det här.
The whole spring me and Alissha were occupied with this. 

Vi hade en hel del kul att renovera också.
We had some fun remodeling also.

Och sena kvällar
And late nights.

Väldigt nöjd med resultatet.
Very happy with the result.

Tack Alissha för all hjälp även Tomas och Göran.
Thank you Alissha for all the help also Tomas and Göran.

Varit ute mycket med Anton här med tåget till Stockholm.
Been out alot with Anton, here with the train to Stockholm.

Börjat träna med Team Stockholm marathon, så grymt kul.
Started to train with Team Stockholm marathon, really fun.

Var på Tiesto i Stockholm med Alissha och Stefan, det var grymt.
Saw Tiesto in Stockholm with Alissha and Stefan, was awesome.

Julen kom i år också.
Christmas came this year also.

Bästa delen av Julen.
Best part of Christmas.

Tack för i år!
Thanks for this year!